Speaking Engagements

Naval Rights and Responsibilities
Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, NC, 1996, 1997, 1998

-        Providing union grievance training and discussed naval rights and responsibilities to incoming naval officers, enlisted, and civilian personnel

Handling Diversity in the Workplace
Naval Hospital, Camp Lejeune, NC, 1997

-        Discussion about handling the delicate balance of a diversified workforce on a military installation

The Law and Self Defense:  A Karate Seminar
St. Leo University, St. Leo, Florida 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

-        Discussion and interactive seminar about the use of martial arts in self defense situations and the legal ramifications of using the arts.

Social Security Disability Benefits

-        Discussion about the Social Security Disability process and how to navigate the pitfalls within the process

Consumer Update (Social Security)
ABC Action News, Tampa, Florida, January 2004, January 2005, January 2006

-        In-depth discussion about the current changes to the Social Security Disability process and how it impacts those who apply for disability benefits.

Preparing for Tomorrow
Mu Zeta Lambda Educational Foundation’s Men of Tomorrow Banquet, Bartow, Florida, 2006

-        Speaking about the importance of career growth and selection of individuals within your life who can point you in the right direction.

Empowering Gentlemen through Committed Community Support
Pine Bluff Alumnae Chapter presents 21th Anniversary Celebration, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, March 2007

-        Speaking about the power of being selected based on your accomplishments and associated with others who are equally powerful.  Appreciating the sacrifices of loved ones determined to ensure their success.

“Know your rights, restore your rights seminar”
Virgil Hawkins Bar Association, Haines City, Florida  June 2007

-        Speaking about the pit falls and difficulties of going through the Social Security Disability process and steps to avoid those pitfalls.

Social Security law, Legal Redress Workshop
George Edgecomb Bar Association, Tampa, Florida, May 2011

-        Speaking about the special issues affecting the Social Security Disability process and certain issues which may cause the disability process to be prolonged.

Social Security and Employment law
ASK A LAWYER, Wide Awoke Wednesdays, Tampa, Florida, 2009
Saving your Social Security Disability case from Sabotage:  Hidden Tips to Strengthen your case
Family Café (Disability Conference), June 15, 2012, Orlando, Florida

-        Providing examples of tips that can strengthen a social security disability claim and discussing those aspects and actions that can cause an individual to sabotage their social security disability case.

Discussion about the Legal Profession
February 1, 2013, Rotary Club – Kissimmee / South Poinciana
“Come on now, WORK with me – working with other agencies and laws to help you win your client’s case”
National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives, Spring Conference, 2006

-        In depth discussion about utilizing other agencies and laws to assist claimants with successfully obtaining their Social Security Disability benefits.

Careers in the Law
Liberty High School, Poinciana, Florida 2012

-        Discussion about education, the law, and choosing the path that best suits your desired goals and personal objectives

Achieving your goals in the Future
Liberty High School, Poinciana, Florida 2012

-        Discussion about avoiding bad relationships, choosing career paths, and developing the foundation for a positive future.

Achieving your goals in the future and the law
New Dimensions High School, Poinciana, Florida 2013

-        Discussing the importance of reputation building, goal selection and career development

Law Firm and the Cloud
GOCLIO.COM podcast, October 2012

-        Discussing transitioning from a paper to paperless law practice by using the Cloud is a tool to provide more effective practice management.

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